Creating a main menu state before gameplay

Hello fellow community members,

I have been working on a small networking game which is coming along slowly, but while the main gameplay is slowly coming along,I would like to have more of a proper game feel to it before I can even hand it out to my friends for testing. What I am attempting to do right now is to have a title menu where users can start a game, host, or join an existing game. Seeing as I would like to go a step at a time what I would like to know is if there is a tutorial out there that walks me through various game states or of a way to create a title menu prior to starting the game?

As a bonus for anyone interested, is there a tutorial where I can specify an IP to join an already existing game instead of launching the game with the IP in the arguments?

Any and all help is extremely appreciated.

There’s more than a tutorial, there’s an entirely functional C++ Example :slight_smile:

Download shootergame and you can see how they setup the menu / pre-game state vs the in-game state :slight_smile:



Thanks for the response. Would this also cover the second part to my question of being able to join an existing networked game?

Yup, shootergame does it all!