Creating a ghost of the owning character

Hello, I’m new in this forum and my english isn’t very good but I’ll try to create the best post i can.

I’m warking with Unreal Blueprints and in my game I need to do a copple of things with my first person character and then spawn a pawn that repea averything I did before spawning it, I’m not having problems to make the pawn repeating most actions Except for the movement of it.

I can’t just record the location of the character every tick because I want that the pawn stop if find a closed door also if tha charcter passed it and not that tha pawn just teleport over it
So I think the best thing to do is to record every tick the rotation of the character and the axis value forward and right. then for each tick set the rotation of the pawn and put the axis value in a “Add movement input” as scale value to move the pawn. I did all it but starting from the same place and doing the same movements the pawn don’t arrive in the same place of the charcter, there are every time some units of difference in the final location and I really can’t understand why.

all the parameters of the two movement component are exactly the same and the difference ther is also if I don’t hit any wall. If I teleport the character and the pawn every tick of some units (so without using “add movement input”) the movement isn’t realistic but they arrive in the same place so it is a problem of “add movement input”.

please halp me, I’m waiting for your advice.