Creating a city "canal"

Hey forums!

I’m trying to create a city canal, but I’m not quite sure how to start. As far as I can see, I have two options

  1. Creating the city ground from a 3D software (Blender, Maya, etc.)
  2. Use the landscape sculpt tool

I tried using the sculpt tool, but I can’t seem to make the shape as I’d like. I haven’t used the sculpt tool much, and I’m not sure how to really use it to make straight crevices that would work as the canals.

Any help possible is appreciated!

Hey Detilium,

that’s a tough question to answer and there are most probably more than one ‘correct’ ways of doing it. So when I were the one to make this decision I would think about some more aspects. For example, should the canal remain easily changable? This would discard one big static mesh and favor e.g. the use of a spline (never used this myself but I’ve seen a video where a race track is build this way). Also important, what is the style of the canal? Is it a ‘plain’ canal in the typical __/ form, or is it a canal like in Venice? In the latter case you wouldn’t probably need any canal-mesh, but just objects for the buildings, bridges and pavements with one side facing the water. Also a ‘plain’ canal can change over his course (besides his direction), speaking namely of textures, wall height and wall slope. So I would build up the canal of different parts that can be duplicated. The Venice canal like I described above and the ‘plain’ canal of simple plates of concrete that I can simply tile together. But this can be of course tedious when you build a very, very long canal.

Hope that helped a bit.

It’s the typical _/ shape. I tried doing this with the sculpt tool, but I can’t seem to make it straight.

I tried to do this with the default sculpt tool and failed, too. But when you set the ‘Sculpt Tool’ to ‘Ramp Tool’, it should be exactly what you need:


Simply drag a line from ramp start to ramp end to create the two ramp points and alter the height of one. Then click on ‘Add Ramp’.