Creating a Blueprint with Child Actors from Scene Heirarchy


In the world editor I have a parent actor with a set of attached actors arranged in a specific relative location and rotation. What I’d like to do is be able to convert the set into a new Child Blueprint Class of the parent with child actors in tact and referable. Is there a way to do this?

–Desired Effect-----------

World Outliner:
Class A (Parent)
-Class B (Child)
-Class B (Child 2)

>>Convert to Class C Blueprint (Inherits Class A)

Blueprint Editor:
Class C (Root)
-Child Actor (Class B)
-Child Actor 2 (Class B)

The purpose is to be able to design a modular set of objects within the scene, then convert the cluster to a blueprint instance, and still be able to call events in the child actors via Class A’s scripts (after appropriate child actor casting and assignment).

If I convert the components to a blueprint, they become their individual components attached at a shared root rather than a cast-able child actor.

Is there a way to do this? Editor Utility Blueprints? I’d like to build the cluster on existing geometry in the world and convert it to a class. Otherwise I’ll have to make child actors in the blueprint, place them, then refer back to the scene to see if they are in the correct locations (or another roundabout means).

Thanks in advance for the suggestions.