Creating a 16:9 capturable window to record a trailer?

Currently i’m working on a VR (Vive) project where i want to capture some gameplay for a trailer.

However i noticed that even though it’s possible to get a 1920x1080 resolution on the preview window using r.setres, i cant seem to get the window to display a smaller section of the square VR frame that’s being rendered. Is there a way to display a crop of what’s being rendered for the vive to get a nice filled 16:9 frame filled with gameplay instead of 2 big black bars at each side with a square in the middle.

Currently i’ve been capturing a section of the steamVR mirror, however this is not a option since it limits my capture resolution to 960x540 on my 1080p monitor.

Hi, Currently the only way i know of doing this is to have the engine source and edit the steamvr plugin SteamVRRender.cpp, “RenderTexture_RenderThread” function.
There was some talk about doing this somewhere which i can dig up if you are going to do that, it works pretty well, they even made some fancy pants video tutorials.

Your best options are,
capture something using sequencer
capture it at the lower resolution, then scale / crop it in your video editing software.

Good luck!