Created a skybox using a DDS file and Reflection vector but can't add textCoord?

Can someone help me with this? I recently came across a small tutorial on how to create my own custom skybox using blueprints and a material using a DDS file format from nvidia. It worked when i put it all together but for some reason it looks REALLY low res and thus i need to add textcoord to it to tile and thus look smaller and more realistic. i actually made a discovery that using 2 different DDS files and lerping them together works and they blend together pretty well for what it is. but i still need to texture coordinate them to make them look right. the DDS files are a cubemap file format and the tutorial said to put them in as a ParamCube. Any suggestions?

heres a screenie i took of my material with the textcoord node plugged in at the very end with an add node to show you the error i keep getting. any clue where i should put my textcoord node and how i can get it in with out getting an error?

Try using a constant2vector instead, so you only have U and V

the 3 constant vector isn’t for u and v it’s for color i believe related to the reflection vector.

Any updates to the solution for this?

Would also like to figure out how to implement both the TextureCoordinate and ReflectionVector nodes.