Created a Ray Cast/Line Trace - Goes off into the upper sky

I am not so sure this has anything to do with the Ray Cast as it does with the engine crash. Before the engine crash everything appeared to be working fine.
So my ray cast shoots off into the outer skyline rather than out in front of me. Irregardless of my position, the ending point always hits the same spot in the sky way above my location on the game map I am on. I tried the ‘Verify’ button for the engine and even a new project with no difference or result. Reinstall with new projects is not sounding good as I - like most - have hours tied up in training
No clue what to look at or check as imma newb.
Thank you for your time.

Perhaps you could show us how you trace.

I wish to apologize as I crossed a + for a * which totally sent my ray cast into never never land. I was able to figure out my mistake by decreasing and increasing the number for the length on the ‘Z’ axis. I will screen-shot my tracing and point out my mistake where I was supposed to multiply instead of add.
Again, thank you for your time.
I still have other issues with the blue print as I get errors when I release the object, but that will be for another thread.

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This was taken from a tutorial on YouTube. The actual design was taken from there. I am sure there are other mistakes because I can pick up more than 1 object at a time, but only release the most recent pickup. I can only copy what I see and wearing glasses does not help.
2 links per post and there are 4 more. I am at a loss on how to squeeze all the spaghetti together into 1 or 2 pics.

Explore this site next time you need to post something bigger:

Blueprint nodes are just text - copy and paste some into a notepad to see what they’re made out of. If you wanted to send someone blueprint spaghetti that does not fit onto a single plate, you could:

And they can copy and paste it. It’s imperfect but works well enough.

Thank you for your response and time. Please allow me to explain what has happened over the 6? months since I was last on. I was running Windows 8.1 when the OS crashed. No data loss. As I was rebuilding my unorganized idiosyncrasies, the CPU overheated and fried. The paste in between the CPU and the aluminum cooling tower dried out. Installed a Corsair water cooler system. Then I picked up what I thought was I Virus. Changed Drive. Happened again. Change drive again. First time was Corsair adding a back door, using a CPUZ program to run out of the C:\Windows\Temp\ folder as some prefer over subdirectory. Second was Microsoft was doing some thing with their files to cause some to ‘false flag’ positive as infected or malware.
It is probably going to take me a good 2-4 weeks to get my machine back to running the way I like it to run. Since I am running SSD drives, it is easier for me to swap out a drive and reinstall the operating system than it is to spend hours looking for the issue and fixing it.
Right now I am trying to get the launcher to recognize the UE and ARK engine files I have installed without having to download and reinstall everything.
Again, thank you for your tine and the link to