Create subway station with collision?

How do I create a subway station with collision in 3DS ? The blocking volume causes the camera character to jump while I move it.


Dont build the entire station as one mesh.
Create the platform, the pillars, ceiling, etc. as separate meshes.
They will have all their own collisions, thus you can walk freely between/on top of them.
Additional bonus(es):

  • One texture per object, means more detail
  • one lightmap per object. beats an absurdly high lightmap resolution needed for a model this size as one piece.



There are several ways how to create a collision :slight_smile:

-either do it in the static mesh editor -> collision and then choose a type
-create collision boxes in 3ds -> just use boxes name them UCX_meshname and this part will be the collision
-in the static mesh editor you can also choose “use complex as simple”

Choosing “Use complex as simple” collision works. Now, what about lighting? I used SkyLight and a material with Emissive Color for the light tubes. They don’t cast any shadows. I’m using UE 4.6 and I don’t get “Lighting needs to be built” messages.

When it should be scary, then I would recommend you to delete the skylight, because it just puts a overall light on the map -> so add emissive to the light + point or spot lights :slight_smile: