Create Sequence Keyframe @ Runtime

We are looking for a way to add a keyframe to a sequence based on a user’s camera placement in a runtime build. The user would move to the view they want, and then click a UI button to set a keyframe in the sequence track for the camera. Does anyone know of a way to do this in BP or even in C++?
Thanks for the help!!

Up !
Have exactly same need and found nothing relative to this kind of feature at runtime.
Even for timelines…
Anybody has managed to add actors and add keyframes to Level sequence at runtime ?

Did you find a solution? I need to do exactly this.

Adding a full sequence edit at runtime would give a powerful ability to customize what a user can contol at runtime. I am able to do so from my own separate program that can set keys like sequencer for position, rotation, scaling and color. The problem is that all the information for the sequence is passed over tcp/ip. A lot of complexity but doable. I’d rather do it directly within Unreal. I’m essentialy running my own sequencer outside Unreal. Not as powerful, but it works. Later, I can bring the code into Unreal. If i cant find a solution within Unreal, that is how I’ll do it.