Create random static noise on a canvas? Do i use a shader for that?

OK, so i want an actor (the screen of a laptop in my level) to be a trigger to use the laptop for some in-game hacking game (Maybe you know Fallout 3…).

Pretty easy - laptop screen is an actor with input enabled (With sphere collision so you have to be close to it). It spawns a canvas (like a pause menu) with some hacking options.

However - the canvas looks very boring being so static. I thought about creating an animation, but wouldn’t it be smarter to use something like a shader to add random static, white noise and other effects slightly distorting the canvas to create a rather eerie oldschool effect?

How would you approach this? Is there a different way than a canvas? Bonus question for pros: How would you do some basic text animation - i.e. letters popping up on the screen slowly like someone typed them? is there some existing blueprint scripts for something like this?

Thanks in advance for any comment!