Create Procedural Dynamic Water

Hey Guys, Im new to unreal and Im trying to create a procedural generated water that can react to the character. The idea is to develop a game for android so im not looking for ultra fancy stuff. Actually im trying to making it pixelated or something like that, but with the abilty to be reactive.

So far I have made 2 tutorials on endless runner games, the idea is to make something like this, but with water:


I actually managed to create procedural water with this amazing asset:


It works but im already having some issues with it, and i think it`s to much for what im looking for, its going to be too demanding and complicated for an andriod game i think.

So, where should i start? I`ve looking some tutorials on water but not quite sure yet about how to approach this, so if anyone have some knowledge, idea or anything to where i should get started that would be amazing

Thanks in advance.