Create my level in external editor?


Im new to UE4, im still trying a lot of things out and I have a couple of questions:
Id like to build my entire level geometry inside 3Ds Max, and when finished import the whole thing to UE4.

Take this quick sketch i did, to visualize what i wanna do: Iets pretend this is my finished Level geometry, it has a basic texture, the blue floors all have collision, the green geometry all has a set of LODs, and the red doorways are all instances… and i’m ready to export an *fbx - is there a way to import the whole thing to UE4 so that the red doors only show once in the material Editor and all the instances are at their correct place in the scene, the LODs work for my green geometry and i don’t have to peace together my entire geometry in engine again.?

Sry for my bad english :wink:

This tool works like a charm to export instances from max to UE4. You will however have to export all uniwue instances into UE4. The tool only gives you translation, rotation, scale and naming. So in the editor you’ll have to select all instances with the same name and give them the right model.