Create movie via Matinee doesn't create expected result


I’m having an issue with my current scene where the output images/movie aren’t looking the same as in the viewport and when I hit play, I use the create movie function in Matinee

Hopefully I have just overlooked something but right now I cant think of anything that could cause this. I attached an image comparing the editor viewport and the result.

I’m currently running the 4.7.4 build and am using Ray Traced Distance Field Soft Shadows for the scene, I have also increased the max shadow resolution to 4096 and increase the number of max cascades in the BaseScalability file.

Any info would be much appreciated!

After extensive testing I think the problem lies with the sky light, it seems to be ignored or sampling some other information when rendering through matinee or playing in a new window. I cant seem to replicate it in new scenes and I tried using the same lighting setup in an empty scene and it works fine. Any response would be greatly appreciated, Cheers

Hello Fozwroth,

The camera actor within your matinee also has post processing settings which can affect the final rendered outcome. Go into your matinee and select the camera track. Then with the camera selected, go into the details panel in your main viewport and be sure the ‘Auto-Exposure’ and other settings that effect lighting are set either off, or match your global post process.

You mentioned it could be the ‘Skylight’ actor as well. You could try updating the skylight actor on event begin play so that when your matinee begins, your skylight has recaptured the scene. You might also want to check the your ‘Distance Field Ambient Occlusion’ if you have the ‘Skylight’ actor casting shadows.

Recapture Sky


Let me know if any of the suggestions work for you, or if you need further assistance!