Create iOS games on Windows 8.1


I’m a user of Unity Engine and I’m thinking seriously to change to Unreal Engine but I have a few questions:

My Macbook Air doesn’t support Unreal, but I have a Windows laptop that support it. It’s possible to produce all my game on Windows and use my mac only to generate the binary with XCode? I don’t know what Unreal can produce on a Windows for an iOS game…

(I know that have similar threads, but this is related to the new Unreal 4.2)


Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but in the UE editor itself on windows you’ll get the options for Android & Windows building, no iOS build options-- however, you can develop on Windows and then move the finished ( or game to test) over to your mac just to load it and build it for iOS. Assuming your macbook air can at least open the editor. But you can’t go strait from Windows UE to Xcode.

** Edit**

You might want to check out this post on answer hub:

Thanks for the answer!

I saw this link but I understood that he can use Unreal in his mac. I don’t =/

I also vote for this feature to come as standard with out recompiling the sources, I am more comfortable developing on Windows that OSX (but that’s just my personal preference, and I am dependent on dev tools from Windows also).

You want the object files that were compiled under Windows to run under OSX?

No, No exactly, I was referring at remote compile. Working and on Windows -> build on OSX remote.