Create destrctible trees

Hello guys, im working on a survival game, and i need to create a destructible tree. i dont know much about unreal, but what i have done is create a tree model and separate all the parts i want to cut, then assembly them on a blueprint, and parent each one. I used a box colision on the place i want it to be chopped, so when i hit it with the axe, it simulate physics on the base log, but when i do the same with the others i got an error saying that there is no physics body. When i unparent them, it works fine, but i want all the logs to fall together, but separate when i hit the secont colision box with the axe.

sorry about my poor english. im brazilian :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi man , here work fine.
i have made an empty blueprint , added a cone and some cubes above.
Using a box collision i check if something begin overlap.Then i set simulate physics on.
When i hit the collider the box fall properly. (be sure that the event fire properly , maybe adding a “print” hello? at the end)
try to check your collision setting for every tree part. Every shard of wood must have collision enabled.
Try to block all , and Block all dynamics. it should work.