Create Child Components within single BP or alternative suggestions.

Hi, I’m working on a game that features a Character ability that’s similar to Tetris block placing. The specific problem is with some of the collision with the Blocks, they’ve worked fine for all the gameplay feature testing this far but now I need to add more flexibility for some future functionality.

The Current Setup
Each Tetris like block inherits from a Parent Block BP, that parent contains a single Collision Cube as it’s Root Component. Child Block BP’s each have additional Collision cubes to match their shapes, these additional Collision Cubes have been manually set to match the Inherited Collision Cube. That works.

The Problem
If I want to change Collision behavior from the Parent Block BP, I have to then manually set and match the Child Block BP’s additional Collision Cubes. There’s a lot and so I’m looking for a quicker method.

Game Requirements
Having a Collision Cube per Block Segment is needed for a future mechanic that allows Segments of the Blocks to be removed, allowing a Character to pass through.

Is there a way to get components within a single BP to inherit from another component, so I can create children of the Root Collision component? An idea at the moment is to create a function in the Parent Block BP that Gets the Root Collision and Sets a specified collision component to match each setting I want, I’ll setup and call that function within each Child Block BP. Any better suggestions from you?