Create C++ project on Ubuntu

Hi all. I think someone will help me)
I have Ubuntu 16.04
I am trying to create a project UE4 with C++, but it does not work because UE4 requires any IDE for job with C++ project. On the computer installed CLion, QT Creator. For work with cmake projects I used CLion.
Why UE4 does not allow me to create a project?

Hi! Do you mean that when you make the project, it just opens .workspace file in gedit? You can manually open that file via any IDE, but, for sure - it’s annoying. For me it’s just not opening it in IDE. I’ve got whole bunch of them(Qt creator, Netbeans, CodeLite, Visual Studio Code). Hopefully UE4 fixes this soon. Maybe they should add the “initial IDE” option in the project browser where it detects all the installed UE4-supported IDEs and shows a dropdown menu?

Thank for the answer! I think it’s really good idea with “initial IDE”!
For now, my biggest problem is don’t have a possibility to create a project on C++
My opinion is what all programmers must have a possibility for choosing a IDE