create a material to make a subway feel like its moving when inside the wagon

Hi , I want to create a meterial to make feel that a subway wagon is moving. I meant by that the underground subway, when the subway is in the tunnel and there are these line moving fast and all something similar to that.

I really dont know how to create this effect, I think you can with material but Im open to any idea.

Anyhow, I dont want you to work for me or anything, just some help to know where to look or any tip watsover.


This is very easy to achieve - what you are describing is called texture panning. You just need to add Time * Speed (speed is just a scalar parameter you create) to the U coordinate of your UVs. You can either do this manually or using the Panner node. You will also have to make sure your texture is tiling in the direction you’re panning, otherwise the seam will be visible.