Create a game that has no lag? Tips appreciated!


I’m creating an online survival game. I got everything on paper, how it’s supposed to work, the items… .

In my world, I would like to use some assets people made, like rocks, trees…, but I have no idea if it’s going to make my game lag.
I tried a few assets and textures from the Kite Demo, and alot of them already take a long time to load (UE4 Freezes/doesn’t respond until loaded).

These assets are high quality. How do I know if my game is going to lag when finished? Are the players able to use lower quality in game?
I don’t want my game to end up like DayZ (Lag even at normal quality and not looking good).

Please tell me what I can do best. All tips are greatly appreciated!

  1. You need to decide on the desired minimum hardware required to run the game.
    1b) You need to continously test the game on the hardware to ensure that it can be run properly.
  2. UE4 Does have quality/scalability sliders that can be used to change LOD level and what not.

End result: game lagging means the end users PC does not meet the minimum specs required to achieve the set quality level


Thanks! But, what do you mean by “desired minimum hardware”? minimum graphics, resolution?

When you dev on an i-5 with 970 gtx and your map start to lag, then that’s the min. sys spec…