Create 2 cameras for 1 first person character for 2 individual monitors for a VR tool

Hello everyone,
I am looking to create 2 individual cameras for 1 first person player (each camera for each eye)
I would like that the play mode in the viewport will display the two view from each camera in two different monitors.

I have seen in google and different forums the way to create local multiplayer and to split the diplay.
I have also see that we can modify the resolution of the player mode in the viewport.
In this way, i know that we can adjust the nvidia parameters in order to enlarge the view for two screen.

But i would like that each view will be in concordence with each camera (for one unic player)
I have two graphic card. So each one will send the information for each monitor.

Is it possible to create 2 cameras ? May i can create 2 players (so 2 cameras) and use the same mesh and same controllers for the two players? something like that?

Thanks in advance for your help!