Crazytak And Unreal Engine - playing talking videos - lip synching Audio Dialog

Important Question. Does crazytalk 8 work with Unreal engine?, I tried to import a movie i did with crazytalk 8. (A 2d talking dialog movie). video but all I get is just diagonal rows of funny lines on the screen when playing the video inside the engine…

But the video plays all fine outside the engine with windows media player, it just won’t show the
movie properly when I try to play it inside of unreal engine, but the sound is fine, my second question is can unreal engine play the video also inside of a widget panel? or can you only
play it if you stick it on a 3d shape plane mesh?

I remember having a similar problem, try recompressing the movie with another codec, in 4.14 mp4 works fine

I only seen how to put the video onto a 3d plane mesh to make the video play in the gameworld, but How do
we put these talking videos or embed them into our own pop up dialog widgets or menus?

I see that you can use a Media Texture with the designer, but How do we set this up to get it to play the movie
in the widget designer ? (The black box on the side above my black band dialog widget is the movie object. But I don’t
know how to get it to play the movie through the Widget Designer so that I can have my game characters talk
with one another.

Im using the Pipeline version of Crazytalk 8. not the pro or standard version. Maybe the pipeline version is faulty. Because when I output the video in mp4, I get diagonal lines in Unreal Engine.