Crazy landscape LoD after Packaging

So, in PIE everything is seems fine: Collisions and LoD are okay
But after packaging everything goes crazy:
Any ideas why it could happen?

AnswerHub Question

Have you probably changed any scalability settings?

Not as far as I am aware, but it is my first packaging experience, where I can check this settings?
EDIT: I’ve changed scalability settings to the lowest and activated -7 LoD, but I can’t replicate same problem as I get in packaged version =/

I activated wireframe mode, but now I can’t understand behaviour at all :confused:

That’s really strange -> have you already posted it onto answerhub? + create a new landscape and test if the same happens :slight_smile:

Actually I found what exactly was wrong - it is LODFaloff setting in Landscape. Whenever I use SquareRoot instead of Linear - I get this error in packaged version of game. In PIE everything looks fine, but not in packaged :frowning: I just use Linear mode instead of SquareRoot to fix this weird stuff

I was about to report this today. I am using SquareRoot as well so that seems the be the troublemaker. Can you post your Answerhub link here as well please?