Crashing Nvidia kernel D3D11Query.cpp:134

[2016.11.19-01.48.18:008][520]LogD3D11RHI:Error: Result failed
at D:\Build++UE4+Release-
it crashes engine when changing material, or creating landscape layers



I have a few questions:

  • Are you getting a crash reporter window? If so, please provide your Machine ID from the window and ensure to hit Send & Close on the report.
  • Could you please provide the logs from your project’s Saved->Logs folder after the crash occurs?
  • Could you provide your dxdiag?
  • When exactly is this crash occurring? Can you reproduce it in a clean project?
  • If so, please provide a detailed list of repro steps.


as I had couple of problems with KERNEL crash,

please check this link I have made , there is how I definitely solved all of theese errors about Kernel crashes

& for me, consider SOLVED (now everything including many my bugreports about KERNEL crash, landscape layers crash, distance field crash , and more)

there was error on d3d11.3layers which some older windows 10 version doesnt supported.