Crashes when open project after previous crash

Version: 4.2.0 From Launcher
To reproduce:

I’ve been suffering a lot of issues using user defined structures in blueprints. I have an array of structures in a structure and if I add an element to the structure, generally on recompile of anything that uses it causes a crash. Normally things will continue fine after reloads.

However this time I attempted to use the ‘Recover files after crash’ when prompted as I foolishly hadn’t saved for a bit.

The recover process crashed!

Any further attempts to open the project now result in a crash, such as the following example.

Is there any standard cleanup I can attempt to get this project to load as my last github push was 12 hours of work ago.

Crash Stack: !Id:7375abc33bd24897333770048919bff6

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OK figured out how to recover from this.

Firstly I moved the default level the editor loads to another location. This allows you to get back into the project without crash at start up however you can’t load any levels as it will crash instantly.

From here you can now open up blueprints until the editor crashes. (in my case the controller BP).

Now knowing which blueprint is the issue you can revert to an auto save version by looking Saved/Backup or possibly the autosaves dir and copying it over your crashing blueprint.The one from backup was only 5 minutes out of date and worked for me.

I will be doing git commit/push more often from now on :wink: