Crash with landscape

I’m not really sure where to make a thread for this, so I made it here.

I downloaded UE4 on Github, and I have been coding / playing around with it for a few days. So far everything is great, and I haven’t had any problems until now.

Basically, when I create a landscape in my level, when I hit “Play”, the editor crashes. No matter the size of it. I can build a map 10 times larger using boxes for exemple, put materials on it, and it will play just fine, but as soon as I use a landscape, my editor crashes.

Anyone have the same problem?

Have you already tried to create a landscape in another project? Could you probably also post your log file?

Ok I’m gonna try with another project. For now, here is the log file :
And the dump file :

Thanks for your help!

I am not crashing when playing in another project. I started the same kind of project (code fps), and I can use landscape. I don’t understand what I could have done in my other project to make it so landscape makes me crash… considering that it’s working with anything else.

It looks like the crash is happening when my “player start” actor is flush with the landscape (using End to position it). If I put it up a little bit, the editor isn’t crashing.