Crash when walking into B_Destrucible


I have got the following Problem. I have a Mesh which I created a Destructible Mesh of to “break” and destroy it etc when a Trace hit it or something else, doesn’t really matter.
But when I put the Destructible Mesh into a Blueprint (tried Actor and Destrucible Blueprints) everything Crashes instantly when you walk into that Object.
This really seems to be a huge Bug in the Engine or am I doing something incredibly wrong.
I also tried just Fracture, but Destructible Mesh into BP, place it, walk into it = crash. Even If I don’t do anything inside the BLueprint it will crash regardless.



Does the whole client crash or only the game inside the view? I had a similar self made problem where my game crashed (not the editor) when I pressed the mouse button. My problem was, that the mouse click was spawning a shot and inside the shot BP I had a destroy logic that killed the shot and the object it hit. Sadly it hit my game character first at spawn and other blueprints using a “Get Player Character” node crashed instantly (who can blame them :wink: )

Maybe you have a similar problem.

The whole Editor crashes.

Like It said I firstly thought I might made a locigal mistake but even when making a New Blueprint without anything in it except of course the Destructible Mesh than it will instantly crash the whole editor when walking into it.


This is a known bug which we’re working towards resolving. The issue is as you described it, related to destructible meshes being used inside a blueprint.
Sorry about the trouble, hopefully it’ll be fixed soon. In the meantime a possible workaround is to keep destructible mesh outside of blueprint, though I realize this is not a great solution.


Thanks for the Information. Looking forward to the fix then, its not an urgent Problem atm, still a lot of other stuff to do in my Project so I can wait for a fix :slight_smile:


This issue should now be fixed. It will be in the upcoming release. If you’d like to see the fix right away let me know and I can provide some more information about it in github.

Thanks for letting us know

Another great fix is to set a custom collision to IGNORE pawns - and then inside the destructible blueprint, add a box component and set that to block all - so the blueprint will use the box instead of the DM itself. This has gotten around all my crashes.