Crash when importing FBX with Animation

I purchased a rigged and animated model from CGTrader. UE always crashes when attempting to import the FBX with animations. Then I noticed the help text for the Skeleton section of the import settings says that the skeleton must be specified. It appears to want a UE asset. How exactly does one specify the skeleton when it’s in the FBX file???

Sorry for the newbie question, but I’d really like to get over this hump and have the animated model inside UE! Thanks!

What Unreal calls a ‘skeleton’ is just a list of names for bones and their hierarchy relationships . It is independent of the actual skeleton with the mesh in the fbx file. When you first import you character you can choose ‘None’ for skeleton and unreal will create a skeleton asset for you with the bone hierarchy of your character. Afterwards if you import further characters that have the exact same bone structure and name you can select this skeleton asset when importing. Doing so is useful because it will let you share animations for all of your characters without the need for retargeting.