[Crash]When I remove frame it crash

Guys! I have a FBX that with 4 animations in it(idle, move, jump, die)

so I import that FBX and then I open the animation sequence, so far as I know I can remove certain part of animation and get the correct frame rate.

for example:

The whole animation has 1~100 frame,

idle is from 1~25, move is from 26~50, jump is from 51~75, die is from 76~100

I create a new animation sequence and remove frame from 26~100.

Well the first time I can simply just remove it, everything works great.

but when the second time I cut it, then unreal will crash.

I’ve switch to different computer and it will crash as well.

Why is this happening? is there something wrong for my steps??

Or am I doing the wrong way?

Are you doing it this way? (Point 7 to point 11) cause this works great for me.

Yes! That’s the feature that ran into a problem. the first time is also working for me.

but somehow I don’t know why it just crashed at the second time.

And not just for me, I’m trying to use my friend’s computer and it crash as well

Weird, maybe one for the Answer Hub?

Have you tried on remove it twice?

Because the first time I remove it, it also work perfectly.

It only crash at the second time.

Yup, I’ve used that quite a bit in 4.9 and 4.10. I assume you mean twice to remove different frame ranges in one save, i.e. remove frames before the frame range I want and then remove frames after and then save.

I’m also having this issue, now on 5.3. Any fix?