Crash when get actor from Line Trace & OnActorBeginOverlap (trigger Box)

I use UE 4.20.2 to write a game for HTC Vive, everything run fine in UE Editor, when I packge out .exe for windows is still running fine, until executing the function GetActorLabel from Trigger or LineTrace the game crashed

Can anyone tell me how to fix this?

its probably not the result of one of those three nodes, show the rest of the script. are you sure its that part of the script with the issue? do you have a crash log, that would tell us the exact issue?

You don’t appear to check if the trace actually hit anything.

Connect a branch to blocking hit after the trace.

I created new project with tamplate VirtualReality, added only to BP_MotionController, created LineTrace to get ActorLabel, not write more. Again run fine in UE Editor, but the crash when running the file is packge.