Crash when building lighting using lighting scenarios

Hi everyone, I am working on a project that is set up using Level Streaming. Each level is in a different area from the others which means they also need different lighting (some levels are night time, some are day time). I have recently been trying to take the lighting (skylight, directional light, sky sphere) out of the sub-levels and add it into a corresponding lighting scenario for that level. There are currently 7 sub-levels and a corresponding lighting scenario for each.

Some of the levels build perfectly with their lighting scenarios, while others crash while “encoding textures” at the end of the build. I am building the levels by having one sub-level and it’s lighting scenario “visible” and clicking Build (see attached photo).

I’ve been having a really tough time finding documentation on lighting scenarios. The only thing I can find is here: but the information is not at all in depth. And with that being the only documentation I can find online, I am struggling a bit. So any help is very much appreciated, thanks a lot guys!