Crash upgrading from 4.23 to 4.25 UberGraphFramePointerProperty = NULL


I’am having a crash when trying to upgrade a blueprint project from 4.23 to 4.25.
The issue seems to be a actor EnemyVehicle.

Looks like the problem is here.


What this does tell me ? Looks like there is a Null pointer when it shouldn’t be null ?

I really need help, please.

EDIT: looks like all my BP classes that get values from structs have this issue. Any ideas ?

Still trying to figure this out.
Some of my Blueprints trigger a breakpoint when opening the editor (around 95%). I’ve downloaded the .pdb and the break point is in this function

Void Blueprint GeneratedClass::CreatePersistentUberGraphFrame()

Looks like something is Null when it shouldn’t.

I have the same issue on the project I’m working on. The first file I encountered this with had a pretty easy fix - the problem was there wasn’t DamageType specified in ApplyRadialDamage (it never complained before though). The next one is PlayerController descendant and it’s huge in our project. I’ve been experimenting with its old versions, but haven’t been able to get far - I figured out one way to open the Editor, but then it comes crashing down again (if you move the default level Editor would open on start, it won’t try to create the blueprints, so they won’t get to this point… but since it will eventually crash this isn’t much help in the end).

Did you get anywhere?

Nah, still at 4.23.
I’ve just downloaded the 4.25.2 to see if its fix, but I have no hopes. Might be something very project specific. Did you solve it ?

I have same issue on same line of code 1302. We have large project on 4.22 and want to upgrade to 4.25/4.26. All is ok on 4.23 and 4.24, but not on 4.25. Need help pls.