[Crash] The light that does not enjoy being clicked on..repeatedly

In the “Content Examples” project, Level_Scripting map. if you click repeatedly on a light within one of the rooms generated from the blueprint you get several crashes.

And if you go to the bathroom right after you crash you will return to find this :open_mouth:

I also have experienced the Crash Uploader activating on crashes and then creating like 300 copies of itself

This is extremely inconvenient for me since my code-based project crashes relatively frequently (usually pointers)

I then have to manually close about 300 windows on my windows 7 task bar :slight_smile:

So I’m saying I get this multiplicity of crash uploader message issue too, even when running the project from commandline without the editor even open



Hi Dennis,

Thank you for your report. I was able to reproduce this crash in Beta 5 as well as our main internal build. I have created a crash report and entered it into our database. It has been assigned to a developer for review. If you encounter any more crashes, please let us know.

Thank you again,