Crash Report Client using 12GB+ of RAM

Hi everyone and happy holidays. I have been having this issue for a while now, if something goes wrong with unreal engine, the crash report client opens (CrashReportClient.exe), starts with 2-4GB of ram usage and goes up to 12+! My total RAM is 16GB, maybe it would use even more if I had more. Anyone facing the same issue? The bad thing is that my entire computer starts freezing because my RAM usage is 100% and I have to keep my process monitor open to check if it opens at some point. It’s getting so annoying I am thinking of coding a small C# app to check if the crash report client is open and kill it before it uses all my RAM. I am getting desperate here… any insight would be appreciated.

Are you doing anything that uses a lot of resources? Opening a large project or building the lighting will use a lot of RAM. For example the Kite demo requires 24GB minimum to open.

Thanks for the response, but not really. Most of the times I have my test map open which is really small. I am not using lighting data, I selected the “Force no precomputed lighting” in the world settings.