Crash on startup, please help.

Hi my game now crashes on startup and generates this message on closing, I have to post here as the answers hub is currently down. Any help appreciated!

What was the last thing you did in the editor? Did you maybe edited an Animation Blueprint, added some nodes to the AnimGraph? Answer Hub works fine for me.

This is probably not related, but could someone explain what this here means, also got this in my error report and was wondering

Honestly I just hit save all the save then exited. Really weird.

Also could you send me a working link for the answer hub, try to access any topic, all of them just give me an apology splash screen.

I am logged into the Answer Hub, every page works for me

But before you saved, you did something, anything?

Not that I recall, I was simply editing foliage on my landscape.

Seems the hub works outside of chrome?

Did you edit a foliage material? Try removing the foliage material from your project folder.

I did edit a leaf material…

No joy, I was working heavily with the foliage tool and I suspect that has glitched on me.

Try removing the foliage types you setup for painting with the foliage tool, (just move them outside of your project folder, to test if they are causing the crashing)

Tried that already and no joy :frowning:

When you can, post your crash report at AnswerHub.