Crash on opening Open world map

Added the Open world demo collection to a project (replaced some files, because I had them already from the Kite demo I guess). Did a bit of editing on my existing level, saved and then opened the Overview.umap of the Open world folder inside my project. Left the PC for a few hours to open it… And then it crashed.

I have 8GB RAM and 12GB page file. Did I run out of memory?..

Unfortunately I lost the log but I saw it included an unfinished sentence “Ran out of”.

Hello Dimitrov,

You are working within the minimum specs for handling the volume of Content of this project. This means that editing and working with the content could cause potential issues, like running out of RAM, which we suggest 24GB versus your 8GB.

The content in this project is very high quality, and requires a very high end system to even open the content and view it, and does not include making changes to the assets.

Just for your reference, and in case you missed the Target Spec and Min Spec information:

Target Spec:

PC Only

CPU: 6 core @ 3.3 GHz

RAM: 24 GB RAM (editor)

GPU: GTX 980

50 GB of Storage space

Min Spec:

PC Only

CPU: 4 core @ 2.8 GHz

RAM: 8 GB RAM (editor)

GPU: GTX 680

50 GB Storage space

Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.

Thank you,

Thanks, this was very helpful! Now I’m just wondering whether the editor should crash or just quit its “build” task when running out of memory, and show you an informative message. But that’s not a big problem, we’re developers, and not end users, so I can live with an informative crash :).