Crash on launch

So my project has started crashing every time I try to open it. It loads, and I can see the editor start, and I think it says “finishing loading assets”? and then it crashes. Using OBS to record, I can see that the warning-window is empty.

Thing is, It started crash looping before too, but I thought I’d just delete it and redo from a backup, but now, as I finished implementing the same-ish setup, it started crash looping again. I compiled, played, stopped, adjusted some Data table parameters, several times. Then, when I did a manual save it just crashed. This is true for both cases.

I am providing a link to a dropbox folder which has the crash report and the project if you want to take a look at it.

Of course any additional information i’d be happy to try to provide.

Edit; As I try to launch it again today, because what’s the worst that could happen, When the engine says “loading assets”, it was stuck on asset 314 before crashing, something I saw previously. Not that I know how to find out which one that is.

I managed to find out what the crash is. If you make a struct with a data table row handle, and make a data table with that struct. Now add a row to the Data table. Add the same data table and save. It will now crash, even if no row was selected.

Is this some kind of infinite loop? I hope it’s a bug.

Edit; Note that “play in editor” or compiling does not cause the crash, only saving. I don’t know if autosaving causes it to crash,

Also, is there anything I can do to remove this element from the data table without being able to open the project?

Okay, so I took the first project that crashed and replaced the data table with a backup. And now it launched. I mean, without a crash! wooo