Crash on launch freeze win7 4.0.2

I have strange big issue ,after release new update i download it and i launch it without any problem ,after used maybe 9 days without any problem , today i opened unreal engine launcher and i chose 4.0.2 and press launch, after around 10 seconds my PC freeze and cpu going up more than 7 giga my ram ?so i restart pc
I tried to solve this problem , but i don’t know where is the issue
I uninstall unreal engine and install again with new update , after that same problem ??
If anyone face this problem please help me

Still have problem only new update 4.0.2 ?

Hi TakeTimeGames,

Can you provide a little bit of information for us about your machine specs?

Since you are experiencing a crash, can you please provide us with the .LOG and .DMP files from your [project]\Saved\Logs folder.

Additionally, you can please send us the CrashReportClient.log file located in C:\Program Files\Unreal Engine\4.0\Engine\Programs\CrashReportClient\Saved\Logs.

Also, in your message you indicated you had upgrade to 4.1 but were going back to open 4.0.2. Is the 4.1 update crashing for you as well or is it just 4.0.2 that is doing that? When you open 4.0.2 are you opening one of the sample contents or just the launching the editor?

Thanks for any information you can provide!


Dear Tim Hobson I am very sorry, because I didn’t inform you about what happened, I thought that is new update, but I was wrong so please accept my apologies. Could you please delete this subject? cause i don’t need to make other people confusing what i posted .


No worries. Just glad everything is working OK for you!