Crash Import Character and Animation to UE4

Hi, it’s my first time using Unreal 4.

I try to import character rig with animation on it but UE keep crashing or stop responding. I already export the character to become fbx file. Do you know why?

Is there any rules for character or the animation that I have to follow for importing it? Like can not use set driven key?
I appreciate the help, Thank you.

Some general rules to stay safe (you mentioned Set Driven Key, so I assume Maya).

  1. Root bone of skeletal chain must be in the root of the scene. Groups can mess it up after export.
  2. The skeleton must only contain joints and constraints. Do not put transforms in there.
  3. Any meshes should be bound to the skeleton with Smooth Bind, 1-4 influences. (do not use Rigid Bind)
  4. Make sure you don’t have weird history on your skeleton or meshes. It is usually enough to select them and Delete Non-Deformer History to get rid of stuff you don’t need.
  5. Do NOT put keyframes on your root chain. If you have to use keys to blend constraints, do so on a separate hierarchy and bind the skeleton to that hierarchy. (to avoid problems with FBX animations ranges)
  6. In the export dialog, make sure you use the proper FBX Version that’s compatible with UE4. There’s a dropdown at the bottom of the FBX settings dialog. It’s currently 2013 but can change in the future, so check the link below for future reference.

You can also check the log to see why it crashes.

Yes, it is maya.
Ok I will try it.
But on no.2 you say do not put transform. What do you mean by that?

Anything that can be placed in the scene (except joints). So groups, meshes, lights and so on.