CRASH: Clicking on corrupted BP or BPs which reference it casues editor to crash.

I’ve gone through these UnrealAnswers:

The issue appears to be an incorrect cast in my camera BP (I’m using this as a ChildActor in my character). You can see the error I get in VS here:

I’ve tried deleting and moving the corrupted BP. I’ve remade it from scratch. I’ve deleted my Intermediate, Saved and Config files from the project and rebuilt project files for VS. The infuriating thing is that when I delete/remake the corrupt BP I can get the game running again as expected. I save everything, make sure it’s connected to source control, and then reboot the editor only for the crashes to begin again.

Does anyone have any insight into this? I’m losing my mind.

It’s maybe this bug, which is supposed to be fixed in 4.15:

Thanks. This did seem to be the issue. I’m not ready to go onto 4.15 yet so I just made a work around.