Crash after creating second player and stoping the game

I’m having this crash that seems to be fired after starting the game (in which a second player is created), then going to the scene outliner and selecting any of the character objects.
After doing this if I stop the game via pressing Esc or the Stop button then the editor crashes.

im attaching the log file, BTW Im using the top down template, version 4.5.1. All content except from the one that came with the template is done from zero so im not using any assets from previous projects.
link text

EDIT: if I eject and then repossess i CAN stop the game without any problem. but somehow the variable im passing onto the second character at spawn seems to not work at all

Hi tremor_al,

Thanks for the report! I was able to reproduce this issue in 4.5.1, but it appears to already be fixed internally and should be working properly in the next release. If you experience the same crash with the same circumstances after the official release of 4.6, please let us know. For now, simply avoiding having the Client’s character selected in the Scene Outliner when exiting Play should avoid this crash.

Your second issue sounds like a replication setup issue. I would recommend creating a new post in the Blueprint Scripting section with your question so the community can help you resolve it.