Crack between Tesselated Materials

Getting a crack between materials that are seamless.

This problem does not exist when just repeating the same seamless square material, or when photoshopping 2 different materials into 1, but does when trying to put 2 different materials that share a seamless edge. It cracks along that edge.

Here’s the material / tessellation info:

All I did was take 4 square seamless textures and photoshop them together to create 1 long column. I applied the same editing to all maps (normal, displacement, etc.)

Then I just cut it up into 2 textures, top and bottom. (That’s where the problem is. As you can see where the crack is.)

There must be something wrong with how I am doing materials / tessellation in UE4?

The surface is just a completely uniform plane:

I have this problem as well, I’m going to work on a solution that masks the edges of meshes and ‘averages’ the displacement across them. I’ll post the solution here if I come up with one, but in the mean time did you come up with a fix?

I actually have not yet. :frowning: I thought making all the vertices uniform would, but it must be something else to do with tesselation. Your solution sounds interesting. It seems like Unreal handles seams just fine with repeating textures, but it’s like it doesn’t realize these textures should be seamless? Is there a way to tell it so? hmm…