CPUProfiler Slate Bug

Dear Friends at Epic


Win 7 , 4.0.1 Release

After loading a file that was captured data


The successfully loaded Slate message never goes away, blocking my view of part of the profiler


Thanks for this report. Could you give me some details on your exact reproduction steps? Any additional information would help me to reproduce this issue.

Thank you,

well I opened the CPU debugger, went in game with the debugger window open,

then clicked the button to start gathering data

later stopped gathering data

I then clicked button to import data, and found the file on my hard drive

at this point, after loading the data from hard drive, is when the message appeared and then never went away :slight_smile:

Thanks !



Sorry for the delay in response. I tested this in 4.0.2 and the dialog disappeared after a few seconds for me. Is it fixed for you now as well?


great to hear from you !

I havent’ gotten up to 4.0.2 for team reasons, I will let you know soon as I can test!

I will consider this resolved until then :slight_smile:

thanks !