CPU utilization

When framerates are unlocked in the editor, you use quite a bit of processing power. This is no problem for higher spec systems, but for lower spec, it can be painful.

Using the command “t.MaxFPS” you can set it to say 15 or so, it will use significantly less CPU and still be responsive.

My suggestion is to make a dynamic “t.MaxFPS” command. Because right now it always ticks really fast. But when I compile shader I won’t mind taking an FPS hit to speed up the compiling. So full tilt when doing nothing, and less tilt when compiling shaders and other stuff.

The above is perhaps more detailed than what I was about to post but yes, definitely, anything to speed up the editor would be most welcome!

My system meets and exceeds all the minimum specs (some places by nearly 50%) except the screen card… and still I get frame rates of between 0.5 to 5 FPS on certain demos. Developing anything while you navigate your scene at 1FPS is just ridiculous… as is expecting me to spend another $1500 on a new computer since my iMac’s screen card can’t be upgraded.

Lowering the minimum specs would definitely be an awesome move on your end but I was also thinking, while I am placing stuff in my scenes, I really don’t need to see the cars flying around in the background or see the materials animate and the decals rotate and all that stuff… but turning realtime rendering off and turning off every single thing I can think to turn off including all lights (except for diffuse) and all post processing effects I get a total FPS increase of 1 to 3 FPS so that really isn’t helping much…

I’ve been a Unity fanboy for nearly a decade now but once I found that UE4 now runs on Macs I jumped ship without a second thought. Having done so I still believe that UE is by far the better of the two engines but the frame rate issue really does prevent me from using it… The one thing I would bring over from Unity is the ability to have a static, low cost scene when not in “Play” mode and then the full blown, all out scene when you hit Play.

This is number 1 on my wish list!
Anything to make me able to use this wonderful product without having to go spend an extra $1500 on a new computer