CPU Perfomance in Unreal Engine

Dear colleagues, please help me to find some sort of guide on how to work with CPU load (apart from CPU profiling). I am interested in such particularities as huge perfomance difference between using Static NavMesh and Dynamic Navmesh, processor load during dynamic changes of objects’ location. I am also very concerned how to manage processes in Unreal Engine (for example in many games when you’re minimizing it, it decreases the load (as far as I understand it happens because the number of ticks is being decreased, but unreal’s session is always actice and loads the processor).
Best regards, your friend, Alex.

Performance*, sorry.

Have you tried to read the source code of the Engine?
Better do that.

Set the Break point where you want to improve.
Read the assembly code from the disassembled code.

I don’t need so low level thing, my code is quite simple. I have 20-30% cpu usage in game and don’t have memory problems, but I want to know how I can features of engine for better permormance. CPU cookbook, u know. And I could not find how to reduce the CPU load if the window is not active.