CPU bottleneck with a new 5820k, GTX 980, DK2.. (Didn't have issue on 4770k)

I have been using the Effects Cave demo for performance testing w/ a DK2. On the old version of UE4 with the DK1 I could adjust the screen percentage and HMDWarp command (Now removed?) and was able to hit about 60fps with an “hmd sp 140” screen percentage in the effects cave at the spawn point with a 780ti/4770k. (facing the cave entrance)

I recently upgraded my PC to a 5820k, GTX 980, and now even if I turn the screen percentage command all the way down to 50, I can only achieve 45-50fps in the spawnpoint of the cave facing the entrance (Also at that screen percentage I can barely read the FPS counter, everything is a blur, I just wanted to check if the GPU was having issues)

So I checked the resource monitor and it shows that CPU 2 is maxed out, while the other cpus are only being used lightly.

If you skip to about 11:00 on this reddit user EVRydayVR’s video, you can see he gets about 60fps at a higher screen percentage back in May. I’m trying to figure out if UE4’s performance getting worse, if there is something different about the DK2 that would cause this, or if the 5820k not been optimized for yet in UE4. Can anyone confirm any of this?

I am also interested, as I was about to purchase that bad boy 980 too.

Are you running two gtx 980 in “VR SLI” or is it one card?

just tested my 5820k with 16GB-ram and a 780ti and DK2 cave demo runs 4 core’s for me and runs all six loading the engine

hi there,

I purchased a 4930K / 780Ti system about 6 months ago and finally got my DK2 last week;
I was really taken aback by the low performance on like every single demo, so I did some digging and eventually I found a thread that suggested that increasing your core parking value might solve the problem.
my cores run at 3.40GHz, parked at 1.20GHz. I got ‘core parking manager’ and up’d them all to 98% even when parked (while I play anyways)… therefore they all run and around 3.40GHz at all times, and ever since I had a pretty smooth gaming experience. particularly Alien Isolation was massively improved and now runs super smoothly.
so yeah, might wanna give that a try :slight_smile: