Course: Converting Blueprint to C++ Extra Credit


I am doing this course “Converting Blueprint to C++”:

Great course, can recommend! I am now trying to do the extra credit of the last episode and I have a couple of questions (Extra credits start at 2:00):

  1. Can I Find References for a Blueprint struct in the unreal project? When I open the reference viewer, it shows several Blueprints referencing the struct, but give no details in which function or variable. For example one of the UI Widgets was referencing the struct in the designer (Quest.Name) and this was hard to find, took me a while.

  2. We are using a class BP_Grabber that extends a custom C++ class Grabber. The task is now to set up the camera and grabber components in the FirstPersonCharacter in C++ instead of Blueprint. Since I can not create the BP_Grabber component in C++, only the base class, does this mean I have to move the BP_Grabber functionality into C++ first, or is there a way to replace the inherited Grabber instance with a BP_Grabber instance in blueprint?

  3. I found it hard to understand that certain events in the blueprint event graph are called from C++. Is there a way to find references from C++? Or is there any other hint that a certain event is a BlueprintImplementableEvent instead of a regular custom event? The tooltip gives no hint that this comes from C++.

A bit specific, sorry, but I would appreciate any tips.

Thanks in advance