Couple of issues with Oculus Rift


I’m having a few problems with the Oculus Rift in UE 4.7.1 and Oculus SDK 0.4.4.

  1. When running Oculus in the Direct HMD Access display mode, I cannot launch unreal engine. I get an access violation error after the loading reaches 100%. When using the Extended Mode, I can launch normally. If I switch from extended mode to Direct HMD after I loaded my project, I get a crash when I try to run play my level. Getting the same crash when trying to launch unreal tournament.

  2. Using extended mode, I launch the game in standalone, press alt+enter to get full screen and I get the oculus rift dual view, but the light on my rift remains orange, can’t see anything through the oculus.
    If I type ‘ovrversion’ in the log I get the correct version.

Hopefully, someone has a solution for at least one of these problems.

I’m having the exact same issues. Any luck?