Countdown not working


i did a countdown and it should start at 10 and end when TimeLeft is 0.

But its not working.
Would be cool if can tell me what i did wrong :slight_smile:


Cheers, Chris

Try this

Event Begin Play -->(set countDown = 10)–> (Set Time Left = CountDown)

Tick Event -->(Set TimeLeft = TimeLeft-DeltaSeconds)–>(Set ElapsedTime = CountDown -TimeLeft)

Thanks for your reply.
I did it like you wrote, the problem is that the countdown isnt starting at 10 and goes down to 0.

When i start the game its instantly shows me this log:

This is the updated blueprint

why you are looping tick event , it’s a looping event

replace whileloop by : Branche

Ok, now it works.
Thanks dude.