Couldn't find parent type for 'ArchVisCharMovementComponent' (Package: /Script/ArchVisCharacter)


Another mystery to solve. My project compiled just fine yesterday. This morning I compile again, didn’t make a single change, and I get this weird error message:

Couldn't find parent type for 'ArchVisCharMovementComponent' named 'UCharacterMovementComponent' in current module (Package: /Script/ArchVisCharacter) or any other module parsed so far.    TalesWithin424    C:\UE4Projects\TalesWithin424\Intermediate\ProjectFiles\EXEC

Now, my module/project do not use ArchVisCharMovementComponent at all, neither include it anywhere in my source files. I have no idea what “Package: /Script/ArchVistCharacter”. I don’t have the slight clue as to where to begin to fix this. I don’t even use the ArchVisCharacter plugin.

Any suggestion would be really highly appreciated!

And now if I launch the editor using the previous build, it says the following :

This project requires the “AnimationSharing” plugin, which has a missing dependency on the “SignifianceManager” plugin.

I’m completely lost. Nothing happened between today and yesterday, no files have been moved from either UE4 directory or the project directory…

For future reference, while I still don’t know what happened, this fixed it :

  1. Deleted Binaries/Intermediate/Saved
  2. Restarted my desktop
  3. Regenerated the visual studio code
  4. Rebuild solution

No more issues. I knew I didn’t change anything :slight_smile: