Could we please have the community account to disable friend requests in UE4

I now got friend requests when launching the UE4 launcher, and I (frankly) really don’t want that ability to be on by default. Especially from people I don’t know at all. ‘If’ I want people to contact me, I would like to be able to actively choose that first. It certainly would not hurt to have some kind of message follow that request too :wink: Saying ‘Hi there’ in some form, is much more appreciated, than getting ‘friend’ requests out of the blue.

So, could we please have the option to disable friend requests by default? And better yet, stay hidden from people whom are not in your friends list?
I much prefer talking to real friends, and not having ‘friend’ requests from unknown people :slight_smile: I think many people would like to avoid being the Joe McCarenot out there :slight_smile:

Best regards/

P.s @fighter5347 Thanks for changing the title :slight_smile:

I changed it for your :slight_smile: